Apple’s car project CEO Doug Field leaves for Ford

Doug Field, the chief executive who has led Apple’s auto project since 2018, will become the new chief advanced technology officer at Ford. Field is the fourth chief executive of Apple’s auto project to leave since it was launched seven years ago. Field was hired in 2018 to lead Apple’s auto project, a project that … Read more

Rumor: Huawei is working on its own electric car

Huawei is said to be working on an electric car, anonymous sources tell Reuters. Several models are to be released under the own brand this year. The cars would be made together with two Chinese car manufacturers. Four anonymous sources told Reuters that Huawei plans to release several models of its own electric car this … Read more

Nissan says it is not in talks with Apple about production car

Nissan says it is not in talks with Apple about the production of a car. According to business newspaper The Financial Times, those conversations have taken place, but both companies are no longer talking. Apple wants to partner with a car manufacturer to make a car. Nissan denies in a statement to Reuters that it … Read more

GM shuts down production at three car factories due to chip shortages

The American car manufacturer General Motors has stopped production at three car factories due to shortages of chips. Several car manufacturers, including GM itself, have warned about these problems before. Chip designer Qualcomm also mentions this problem. A General Motors spokesman told Reuters that the “semiconductor shortage will impact production at GM,” despite the company’s … Read more

TSMC says it will give higher priority to chip production for the automotive industry

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC says it is giving higher priority to the automotive sector to counter looming shortages of automotive chips. The company does not appear to be increasing capacity. In a statement, TSMC said it will address the challenges in the supply of chips for the automotive sector and that this is a top priority. … Read more

Volvo to use Waymo’s autonomous driving technology in taxis

Volvo Car Group and Waymo have signed an agreement for the use of Level 4 autonomous driving technology. Volvo is the first to deploy the technology in a new service for electric taxis. Waymo says it will be Volvo’s exclusive L4 partner. By L4, Waymo refers to Level 4, an autonomous driving category that refers … Read more

Nissan unveils electric crossover car concept

Nissan has unveiled a new concept vehicle called the Ariya at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is a crossover that, given its dimensions and if it comes out approximately in this form, will compete with, among others, the Tesla Model Y, which is also not yet on the market. The manufacturer reports that the Nissan … Read more

New electric cars in EU must make artificial noise at low speed

Electric car manufacturers who want to get their cars approved for the European Union are required from Monday to have a system on board that produces an audible sound when the car is driving slowly. The new rules prescribe that electric vehicles must produce a sound at a speed of 0 to 20 km/h by … Read more

Apple acquires for self-driving car technology

Apple has acquired, a startup specializing in autonomous driving. A few weeks ago, rumors came out that Apple was busy acquiring and the Cupertino company has now confirmed that to Axios. Axios reports that Apple is hiring several dozen engineers from as part of the acquisition. The website states that was … Read more

Renault and Nissan to work with Google to develop autonomous taxi service

The alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi will partner with Google to develop autonomous taxis and other self-driving vehicle services. At least, that’s what Nikkei reports based on sources. According to Nikkei, the car manufacturers will collaborate with Google on a wide number of topics that fall within the domain of mobility-as-a-service. One idea under … Read more