Rumor: Huawei is working on its own electric car

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Huawei is said to be working on an electric car, anonymous sources tell Reuters. Several models are to be released under the own brand this year. The cars would be made together with two Chinese car manufacturers.

Four anonymous sources told Reuters that Huawei plans to release several models of its own electric car this year. According to the sources, Huawei is in talks with the Chinese Changan Automobile and BluePark, among others, to make the cars. A spokesperson for Huawei contradicts the rumor and says that the brand only works on IT infrastructure for cars.

According to three of the sources, Huawei is designing several electric cars in China and has approached parts suppliers with a view to launching the cars later this year. One of the sources also says that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer electronics division, will deal with the electric cars.

Due to the US trade ban, Huawei recently announced that it will develop 60 percent fewer smartphones this year than in 2020. The trade ban makes it difficult for Huawei to get parts for the production of smartphones that support 5G.

Due to the problems that the trade ban is causing for Huawei in the smartphone market, the company announced a week ago that it would focus on alternative industries, where the company can provide ICT services. For example, BBC News said that Huawei would focus, among other things, on developing artificial intelligence for the pig industry. It is also working to modernize China’s mining industry.

Huawei isn’t the only smartphone brand rumored to be working on electric cars. For example, there is said to have been a deal between Kia, parent company Hyundai and Apple for the production of 100,000 electric cars per year from 2024. Both brands said earlier this month that they were no longer in talks with Apple about electric cars, but that those talks will. have occurred. Nissan is also said to have talked to Apple about the production of electric cars.

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