EvLeaks shows more renders and video of OPPO Find X3 Pro with microscope camera

Smartphone insider Evan Blass has released more leaked marketing material of the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone online. These are renders that show, among other things, the camera system and a video that highlights the design. One of the renders that EvLeaks put on Voice shows an exploded view of all the rear cameras. It … Read more

Infrared photos show details of PlayStation 5 soc

The smallest details of the system-on-a-chip from Sony’s PlayStation 5 have been visualized for the first time. A Twitter user has put those shots of the soc online and an analysis has been made. Microsoft previously showed details of the chip from the Xbox Series X. According to Twitter user Fritzchens being Fritz the first … Read more

EvLeaks shows renders of OPPO Find X3 Pro with ‘microscope camera’

EvLeaks has put official renders online of the OPPO Find X3 Pro. The new top model from OPPO has a striking camera bump on the back and would also contain a ‘microscope camera’. The device will receive Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888-soc. Four cameras can be seen on the camera bump, including one with a ring around … Read more

First specs Oppo Find X3 Pro with ‘microscope camera’ appear online

The Oppo Find X3 Pro, which should be released early next year, would get a ‘microscope camera’ that can photograph objects up close with good lighting. This is reported by telecom journalist Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks. Blass doesn’t show images of the Find X3 Pro, but it does share some details. The phone’s … Read more

Leiden scientists build record-breaking small boat

The tiny boat is only 30 micrometers long; about a third the thickness of a hair. Researchers from Leiden University have built a boat. But not just any one: a miniscule small specimen. The boat is so unique that it is even the smallest 3D-printed ship in the world. So we cannot go out into … Read more

TechInsights: Apple A12Z soc equals A12X with fully activated GPU g

As expected, the Apple A12Z soc from the new iPad Pro is the same chip as the A12X from the previous iPad Pro models. With the A12Z variant, all eight GPU cores are enabled; while one GPU core is disabled with the A12X soc. Research of TechInsights confirms that the A12Z is ​​equal to the … Read more

RU scientists expect atomic information storage at room temperature

Researchers at Radboud University have successfully used a new method to store information on an atom. The scientists demonstrated the technique at low temperatures, but expect it to work at room temperature as well. It involves magnetic storage on a single atom. The Nijmegen team is not the first to do this; an IBM research … Read more

3D printed diagnostic device against malaria with an old smartphone

With the development of the Excelscope, students from Delft expect to find a solution to make accurate malaria diagnosis available in developing countries. By using the camera of a smartphone, an optical lens, a 3D printer and a smart algorithm, nurses in overcrowded hospitals can automatically treat malaria patients, without the need for an expensive … Read more

Scientists make the Mona Lisa with bacteria

Paintings not only made with paint, scientists thought at the University of Rome. Bacteria are also suitable for this. That turned out, because the result was a Mona Lisa, made from bacteria? How was this possible in the world? The bacteria reacted to light, and so the scientists could lead them to certain positions. The … Read more

Robot from Nasa is looking for life on other planets

Space is a big mystery. New discoveries are always made, which unravel small pieces of the riddle. Recently water on Mars was discovered. This makes life on the red planet theoretically possible. Life on other planets is a hot topic anyway. NASA robot NASA is going to build an instrument with which the surface and … Read more