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Robot from Nasa is looking for life on other planets

Space is a big mystery. New discoveries are always made, which unravel small pieces of the riddle. Recently water on Mars was discovered. This makes life on the red planet theoretically possible. Life on other planets is a hot topic anyway.

NASA robot

NASA is going to build an instrument with which the surface and stones can be used to investigate whether bacteria or other unicellular organisms can be found. On Earth, bacteria have been developed on their own. Scientists wonder whether this may also occur in the same way on other planets.

Life on other planets

To search for living organisms on other planets, a special technique must be used: fluorescent in situ hybridization. In this process molecules attach themselves to DNA in the cells. With a microscope you can then examine what exactly can be found in the sample. NASA is now looking into the possibilities of having this technique carried out by a robot. This robot can then be launched to another planet.

Never before has a direct search been made for how possible life on other planets arises. With such a robot this can actually be investigated. Who knows what news is going to be discovered …

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