5 Most Common Mobile Programming Languages

There is an increasing demand for software developers and computer scientists worldwide as new technologies continue to evolve. Moreover, there is increased competition in the field as many people have been entering. If you want to be in the field of Computer Science, you need to have a robust understanding of programming languages. If you’re … Read more

JetBrains Releases Distributed and Lightweight IDE Fleet

JetBrains has released a new IDE in which code can be written both locally and remotely. Fleet is a lightweight editor that the company says is aimed at developers who want an all-round application. The tool is called Fleet and can be downloaded as a preview. JetBrains says the tool includes all the features users … Read more

Roku releases developer kit for games and smart home applications

Roku is going to release a developer kit for experimenting with the Roku for games and smart home applications, among other things. The IDK allows users to personalize their streaming devices for their own use and load their own code for experimental programs. The Independent Developer Kit is separate from the software development kit, or … Read more

Python 3.10 with structural pattern matching has appeared

The Python release team has released version 3.10.0 of the programming language. Python 3.10.0 includes support for precise line numbering, which can benefit debugging tools, and structural pattern matching. The Python Software Foundation lists the main Python Enhancement Proposals or PEPs for Python 3.10.0. It contains, among other things, the PEPs for preparing for the … Read more

Google actively closes exploited vulnerabilities in Chrome for the third time in a month

Google has released a security update for Chrome that fixes two actively exploited vulnerabilities. Google does not provide details yet, in addition to the use after free and information leak in core leaks. The update fixes four vulnerabilities, two of which have been exploited in practice. These are CVE-2021-37975 and -37976 that were actively exploited. … Read more

Apple releases Swift 5.5 with concurrency improvements

Apple has released version 5.5 of Swift. With this latest version of the open source programming language, the company has made a number of changes and improvements, including in the area of ​​concurrency. Apple’s Swift Core Team calls Swift 5.5 itself a massive release, and the developers highlight concurrency features such as async/await, among other … Read more

Developer creates Quake levels in JavaScript with size of 13kB

Developer Dominic Szablewski has converted two levels of the legendary shooting game Quake into JavaScript that, with further adjustments, only take up 13kB. The levels are playable in the browser. szablewski, alias PhobosLab, calls his Q1K3 project a tribute to Quake. The two levels are inspired by the E1M1 and E1M3 levels of the original, … Read more

Google closes tenth zero-day leak in Chrome in 2021

Google has patched two newly found zero-day vulnerabilities in its browser with updates to Chrome. The vulnerabilities were exploited in practice. This brings the total number of zero-day vulnerabilities in Chrome for this year to ten. The update brings Chrome to version 93.0.4577.82 on Windows, Mac systems, and Linux. Users can expect the new versions … Read more

Edge gets mode that disables JIT engine for better security

Microsoft gives Edge a so-called “Super Duper Secure” mode that can disable certain parts of the Javascript engine to make the browser more secure. The developers say it’s an experiment to see if they can better secure the browser with it. The new mode was created by Microsoft’s Vulnerability Research team. Users turning on Super … Read more