System76 Releases Open Source Mechanical Keyboard

Manufacturer System76 comes with an open source mechanical keyboard. Both the firmware and chassis design of the System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard are open source and can be found on Github.

System76 is known for its Linux laptops and desktops, but had previously hinted that it also wanted to focus on mechanical keyboards. Details of the System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard have now appeared on Github.

Not only the firmware has been made public, but also the aluminum chassis design of the keyboard is available and viewable in FreeCAD. Furthermore, users can adjust the keyboard as they see fit and remap keys.

According to System76, the keyboard supports several switches, including the Cherry MX and Kailh BOX switches. These can be easily exchanged. Each switch has an RGB LED that can be set via the firmware. With this, different RGB patterns can be created.

It is not yet known when the mechanical keyboard will be available or what it will cost.