Synology puts DS1515+ specifications online

Synology has put the specifications of the DS1515+ online, a NAS in which five disks or SSDs can be placed. The successor to the DS1513+ has a quad-core CPU with hardware encryption options. USB 3.0 ports have also been added to the NAS.

Inside the DS1515+ is an Intel Atom C2538 clocked at 2.4GHz, according to a PDF that lists the specifications of the storage system. The CPU provides a hardware encryption engine to accelerate AES encryption. 2GB DDR3 RAM is standard, but the user can optionally install up to 6GB of RAM. If five 6TB drives are placed in the NAS, a maximum gross storage capacity of 30TB becomes available.

Synology has equipped the DS1515+ with four gigabit Ethernet ports. There are also four USB 3.0 connections, as well as two esata connections. According to the manufacturer, the throughput speeds can be increased if an SSD cache is placed in the NAS. Using link aggregation, which uses multiple Ethernet connections simultaneously, a RAID 5 configuration can achieve read and write speeds of 451 and 396MB/s, respectively, according to Synology. When applying AES encryption, read and write speeds drop to 449 and 191MB/s respectively.

Synology will provide the DS1515+, which according to the manufacturer is mainly intended for business use, with DSM 5.1. This version of DiskStation Manager is currently in beta, but the final is expected in a few weeks. In Australian web shops, the retail price of the DS1515+ fluctuates around 1,000 Australian dollars, which is approximately 700 euros. Euro prices have not yet been released by Synology.