Survarium developer is working on battle royale game Fear the Wolves

Vostok Games seizes a two-day grant from publisher Focus Home Interactive to announce battle royale game Fear the Wolves. According to the makers, the game offers an original take on the genre.

The French publisher Focus Home Interactive is organizing the Le What’s Next de Focus event on February 7 and 8 in Paris, where it will present the games it will be launching in the near future. This includes the new project of Vostok Games, the studio from the Ukraine that delivered Survarium in 2015. The new game is called Fear the Wolves and is set around the ruins of the former nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. This is familiar territory for the Ukrainian studio, as the team consists of the former employees of GSC Game World, the creators of Stalker, the 2007 shooter that also takes place around the nuclear power plant.

Fear the Wolves is a post-apocalyptic first person shooter battle royale game, with its creators capitalizing on the recent craze surrounding games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The game will be played in two modes, the classic battle royale as known from PUBG, in which 100 players battle until only one is left, and a second mode in which the wolves from the title and other radiation-distorted creatures play a role. In that game form there is a day and night cycle and changing weather, which means that players have to adapt to the circumstances. Players can find protective gear that allows them to walk around restricted areas of the environment.

Fear the Wolves will first be playable in early access and only then will it be released on the market in definitive form. The makers hope to finish the game this year. The game will be released for Windows and unnamed consoles.

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