Surface Earbuds will be released in May and Surface Headphones 2 will follow in June

Microsoft will sell its Surface Earbuds from May 12 for 220 euros. The wireless earphones with Microsoft 365 integration were already announced last year. Microsoft now also presents the Surface Headphones 2; those headphones will be released in June for 280 euros.

According to Microsoft, the new Surface Headphones 2 have a battery life of twenty hours. That is two hours longer than with the version that appeared last year. The headphones have thirteen levels for blocking out ambient noise; that is equivalent to the current version. The active noise reduction can be operated via ‘on-ear’ rotary knobs and there are options to suppress or amplify people’s voices.

Earlier, it appeared from an application that the Surface Headphones 2 headphones use bluetooth 5 and have support for Qualcomm’s aptX codec. The ear cups can now rotate 180 degrees, which should make wearing the headphones more comfortable. The new version of the headphones is also available in black, in addition to the gray version. Microsoft will release the headphones on June 5 for 280 euros.

Microsoft also announces that the Surface Earbuds will be available from May 12. Those earphones were already announced in October last year, but the release was postponed. The wireless earphones have touch control and integration with Microsoft 365. For example, it is possible to dictate text in Word, Outlook or PowerPoint, or to read emails. The Surface Earbuds come with a wireless charging case and cost 220 euros.