SuperTux gets first stable release in 10 years

The Super Mario Bros. inspired game SuperTux has received a stable release for the first time in a decade. Version 0.4.0 includes a rewritten game engine that uses OpenGL, among other things, and supports adding user-created levels.

In the first stable release of SuperTux in 10 years, a lot has changed compared to the last stable release in 2005. According to the developers, SuperTux 0.4.0 uses an almost completely rewritten game engine that uses OpenGL, OpenAL and SDL2. In addition, the new release uses a download manager that allows additions and language packs to be installed. Furthermore, the update adds a number of new levels and it is possible to write levels and worlds in Squirrel.

SuperTux is a clone of the classic Super Mario Bros. game, but instead of the plumber, the Linux mascot takes the lead. Otherwise the basics are the same but with different images. For example, the mushrooms have been replaced by snowballs, but the fire flower is still a fire flower. The open source game has been in development since 2003 and hadn’t had a stable release since 2005. However, the development team regularly released beta versions. SuperTux is free to download for Windows, OS X and Linux, among others. Initially, the game was only developed for Linux.