Super handy: this is how you make Quick Notes on your iPad

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Your iPad has something new since iPadOS 15: Quick Notes (also known as Quick Notes). With this you always have a digital post-it at hand! You don’t even have to open the Notes app anymore, you can add a Quick Note from any app at any time.

Create Quick Notes iPad

You can create a Quick Note in several ways:

  • Swipe up from the bottom right corner of the screen – you can do this with your Apple Pencil or with your finger.
  • Via the Control Panel: in this case you must first place the correct button once. You can do this via ‘Settings>Control panel>Quick Notes’.
  • Via an Apple external iPad keyboard: Use the Globe + Q hotkey.
  • Select a piece of text, tap it and tap “New Quick Note” in the black pop-up menu. The piece of text then appears as a quote in the Quick Note.

It doesn’t matter which app you are currently using. And whether, for example, you have multiple apps next to each other in the multitask view. Have you created a Quick Note? Then you can just type or write with the Apple Pencil.

Additional options Quick Notes

  • Save link: when you open a Quick note in Safari, you immediately get the option to save the opened web page in the note. To do this, tap ‘Add link’.
  • Browsing your Quick Notes: If you have created multiple Quick Notes, scroll through them by swiping horizontally across the notepad.
  • On the Mac: when macOS Monterey comes out soon, it will also work on the Mac. You then call up a note with your mouse.

Manage notes

You can find all your Quick Notes in the Notes app. They are collected there in the Quick Notes folder. Want to make a regular note of it? Then move it to one of the other folders in Notes. To do this, tap the sphere with the three dots at the top of a Quick Note and choose a suitable folder.

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