Studio of Halo director who released Disintegration closes

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V1 Interactive, the studio that released the shooter Disintegration last year, is closing. The studio was founded five years ago by Marcus Lehto, who previously served as Bungie creative lead on the first Halo games. Disintegration was not a success.

On Twitter announces V1 Interactive to close. Commenting on that, Marcus Lehto . says that the studio has always been transparent to employees about the status of cases in recent months. The decision to close the studio is now being made so that the employees have time to look for a new job while still being supported by V1 Interactive, Lehto said.

V1 Interactive is a small studio that Mike Gutman and Marcus Lehto founded five years ago. The former worked on Socom US Navy Seals at Zipper Interactive and Lehto made his name as a creative director for the first Halo games at Bungie. In 2019, 25 employees worked at the studio.

Last year, V1 Interactive released its first game: Disintegration. That is a first person shooter that also contains elements from real-time strategy games. The game came out in June, but after just five months, the studio withdrew multiplayer support because there weren’t enough players.

The game that came out for Windows, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, received low marks on average. On Metacritic, the average review score of the PC version is 62 points, while users rate the game a 5.9.

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