StreamView announces two OLED TVs and Android TV set-top box with Nokia name

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The Austrian company StreamView has announced two OLED TVs and the Streaming Box 8010. The three products are released under the Nokia brand name. Streamview already sells Nokia TVs, but so far it has not been about OLED TVs.

Digital Fernsehen writes that StreamView shows two OLED TVs at IFA, a 55″ and a 65″ copy. Both models have a refresh rate of 120Hz and a response time of 1ms. The TVs also get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. Like StreamViews other TVs it seems to be Android TV models, as there is talk of access to apps from the Play Store. Further specifications are missing.

The Nokia Streaming Box 8010 will also support Android TV. The Streaming Box is a successor to the Nokia Streaming Box 8000, which StreamView introduced in 2020. The successor has an improved chipset and more storage. The first version got 8GB of storage and an Armlogic S905 chipset. The 8010 also gets an extra USB port, so the set-top box has three USB ports.

It is unknown when the StreamView devices will be available and how much they will cost. At the time of writing, the Streaming Box 8000 is for sale for just under 90 euros.

Nokia Streaming Box 8000

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