Strava acquires 3D map maker Fatmap and wants to integrate 3D maps into app

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The company behind fitness app Strava has acquired Fatmap. Fatmap makes 3d maps intended for people who want to exercise outdoors. Strava wants to eventually integrate Fatmaps 3D maps into its Strava app.

Fatmap makes 3D maps of mountains, for example, on which people can create routes, such as ski, hiking or cycling routes. They can share those routes with others. Strava says it is taking over Fatmap and to give paying subscribers full access to Fatmap’s services by the middle of this year, something that normally costs thirty euros per year.

Strava eventually also wants to integrate Fatmaps maps into Strava, but says to TechCrunch it does that this is a project that takes a lot of time. Fatmap therefore now remains its own app, the Fatmap app may disappear when the service is integrated into Strava. Strava is a fitness app that allows users to track, among other things, what route they have exercised. These routes are displayed with maps, which can be shared again. At the moment these are still ‘flat’ maps, but in the long term Strava wants these to become 3D maps from Fatmaps.

The 3d map maker works with satellite and aerospace companies to create the detailed maps, which show mountain peaks, rivers, trails and more. It is not clear how much the takeover of Strava cost.

A Strava mock-up of what the Fatmap integration could look like

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