Steve Wozniak starts aerospace company Privateer Space

Steve Wozniak has started a space company called Privateer Space. The Apple co-founder will provide more details about the company later this week at the AMOS conference in Hawaii.

“A Private space company is starting up, unlike the others”, proclaims Wozniak on Twitter. In addition, the Apple veteran publishes a teaser video on YouTube. In its description, the company states that it is committed to ‘keeping space safe and accessible to all humanity’.

In the description of the video, Privateer Space also mentions that former Apple employee Alex Fielding is a co-founder. Wozniak and Fielding have worked together before, including on Wheels of Zeus, a company that worked on smart GPS tags. Wozniak was also involved with Ripcord Networks, a robotics company Fielding started after Wheels of Zeus closed in 2006, Engadget notes.

Privateer Space reports that it will provide a look at its future plans at the AMOS conference in Maui, Hawaii. That conference will take place between Tuesday 14 and Friday 17 September. It is not yet known when this presentation of Privateer will take place.