Steelseries introduces new Prime gaming mice

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Steelseries announces three new Prime gaming mice: Prime, Prime + and Prime Wireless. Thanks to the specially developed switches, the mice must be able to handle at least 100 million clicks without showing any effects of wear and tear.

Each of the mice contains Prestige OM switches. According to Steelseries, the Prestige OM switches are less susceptible to wear and tear because they use a steel spring that registers the click and is larger compared to traditional systems from other brands.

A click is registered optically by interrupting an infrared signal. According to Steelseries, this ensures that there are no debounce times. According to the manufacturer, the mouse can handle at least 100 million clicks. All three mice use an optical TrueMove Pro sensor with a resolution of 18,000 cpi, a tracking speed of 450 inches per second and can handle up to 50G acceleration.

The entry-level version of the Prime mice weighs 69 grams, is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market with no perforated elements and costs 69.99 euros. The subsequent Prime + weighs 71 grams, has an extra sensor that translates the lift-off distance, has RGB lighting and more extensive on-board settings. The Prime + comes to 89.99 euros. The Prime Wireless is the wireless version of the Prime + that weighs 80 grams. According to Steelseries, this mouse can last for 100 hours on a single charge. The Prime Wireless can be charged via USB-C and can last for another fifteen hours after fifteen minutes of fast charging. This mouse costs 139.39 euros.

Steelseries also announced the Arctis Prime gaming headset. These headphones have high fidelity drivers that, according to the manufacturer, can produce sound up to 40,000Hz. The headset is made of aluminum, has leather ear pads and bi-directional microphones that promote speech in games. This headset costs 119.99 euros.

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