Steam tool shows users if their games are compatible with Steam Deck

Valve has put a page online where Steam users can log in with their account to see which games from the library are fully compatible with the upcoming Steam Deck console and which games still need some adjustments or lack support.

Steam users are required to log in to a dedicated page with their Steam account, which will bring up a list of games from the Steam library that have been fully verified for the Deck. Those games will be given a green check and will work properly on the Steam Deck, including all features. Also, those games should function without problems with the built-in controls and the default graphics configuration. In addition, interface text should be legible on the upcoming handheld console and Steam Deck controller icons will be displayed.

Under the “Verified” category is the “Playable” category. Regarding the games listed under the latter category, Valve says: “Valve’s testing indicates that these titles from your Steam library will work on the Steam Deck, but may require additional customization to navigate or configure.”

In addition, there is a category of games from the Steam library that do not currently work on the Steam Deck, but that support may be added at a later date. Finally, there is a category of games that have not been tested for compatibility with the new console, but may work. All games from the library can be installed on the handheld; the rating of compatibility has no influence on this.

Valve makes it clear that this tool still gives an incomplete picture. The process of testing new games for the Deck is still ongoing. That will continue even after the new device is available. That will be the case from Friday, after which the first models will be shipped from February 28. The Steam Deck features an AMD semi-custom apu with four Zen 2 cores and an RDNA 2 GPU with eight compute units.