Steam Link now works on Linux devices

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Valve has released the Steam Link app for Linux. This allows users on a local network to stream games to other Linux devices. The app is now available for 64-bit x86 Linux systems.

Steam Link is available immediately for Linux via a Steam Link app, which can be read in an update in the Steam community. The app was also already available for Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi. The new Linux version allows users to stream games within a local network from a computer with Steam installed, to a Linux system connected to a TV, for example. Valve partnered with the company Collabora to build the Linux app.

Valve also comes with an update for Remote Play Together. It was recently announced that Steam is working on a local multiplayer feature that will allow two players to play together even if one of them doesn’t have an account. The option works in Remote Play Together via Steam Link and Steam and can be used on Windows, iOS, Android or Raspberry Pi. Guest players will receive a link to connect from those with an account. That way, players can play local split-screen or shared-screen games as if they were in the same room. Remote Play Together is now available to as many guest players as the internet connection can handle.

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