Steam gets new design with Library Home and Events page

Valve is going to adjust the design of Steam with, among other things, a Library Home. That will be a graphical representation of the games players own and have recently played. Games that have received updates will also appear here.

The new design has not yet been implemented. Valve will make it available in a beta starting this summer. During the Game Developer Conference, the company showed examples of the new design, Polygon writes.

Valve is mainly making major changes to the Library, the library of games that players already own. It now consists of a simple list, while the new Library Home page becomes a dynamic home page. This will display games that the user has recently played in large, and games that have been added through updates are featured here. The page also shows which games the user’s friends are playing.

In addition, the pages associated with individual games will be adjusted. Among other things, Valve is showing a preview of the new CS:GO page, which contains information about events, updates and activity from friends, as well as DLC for the game.

Valve also comes with a new addition: Steam Events. That will be a page on the platform where events in games are collected. Many multiplayer game makers regularly organize limited-time events, where you can earn more points or special items, for example. Steam will adjust the content of the page based on algorithms on the player.

Players will also have the option to set reminders for such events through Steam Events. This is possible with a notification on Steam or in the smartphone app, but also via email or external calendars such as Apple’s or Google’s Calendar. The functionality around events will appear before the new design. Steam Events will be available in beta in the coming months.