Steam Deck Interface Will Replace Big Picture Mode in Steam

The interface of the new SteamOS for the Steam Deck from Valve, will replace Big Picture mode in Steam. The Steam Deck interface becomes the new standard when playing on controller TVs, for which Big Picture is still available.

A Valve developer made this known in a post in the Big Picture fashion Steam group. A user asked if Steam Deck OS is the next step for Big Picture mode, saying that mode looks dated according to him or her. The developer confirmed that Big Picture will be replaced by Deck’s new UI. He does not give a date yet.

Big Picture mode was developed to make Steam more accessible for use on a controller TV, for example when using Steam’s own controller or the Steam Link. It is a mode that makes Steam full screen with large buttons to select games. In Big Picture mode, it is visible for each game whether it is playable with a controller, or whether it has partially suitable controller support.

The Big Picture mode was launched in 2012. That was first as a beta , but in December of that year followed a full release. In 2015 , the interface got a major update. Little has changed in Big Picture fashion since then.

The handheld PC Steam Deck, which should be released at the end of this year , will have its own UI based on SteamOS, which was specially developed for use with the physical buttons on the handheld, but which would also lend itself to use on a television. with a controller.