State hackers try to break into Trump and Biden e-mail employees

Google says state hackers from China and Iran have attempted to hack into the mailboxes of employees of both suspected candidates for the upcoming US presidential election, Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump.

There is no sign that the attacks were successful, tweets an employee of Google’s Threat Analysis Group. Google reminds employees to set better security to prevent intrusions on mailboxes. Presidential campaign workers can be victims of targeted attacks as state hackers hope to dig up compromising information about a candidate.

Chinese state hackers targeted employees of incumbent President Donald Trump’s campaign, while hackers from Iran targeted employees of his suspected opponent Joe Biden. Biden’s Democratic party has yet to make the nomination official, but its opponents have stopped their campaigns.

A Russian-hacked mailbox belonging to then-candidate Hillary Clinton played a role in the 2016 election campaign. Many Americans see the hacking as an attempt by other countries to influence the results of the elections.