Statcounter: 15 percent of all Windows computers are running Windows 11

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About 15.44 percent of all PCs that run on Windows do so with Windows 11. That’s what Statcounter says. In about 71 percent of cases, a PC runs Windows 10. Windows remains the most popular operating system worldwide with 75.96 percent market share.

From the figures of Statcounter turns out Windows 11’s market share increased by 1.83 percent in October. In September, that market share was 13.61 percent. The share of Windows 10 users is declining, albeit slightly, at 71.26 percent. In October, the operating system lost 0.59 percent market share compared to September. Back then, 71.88 percent of PCs were still running Windows 10.

Windows 7 still accounts for 9.61 percent of the global market share, according to Statcounter. Windows 8.1 still has 2.45 percent market share and Windows 8 about 0.69 percent. In 0.39 percent of the cases Windows XP is still running.

In terms of the global operating system market, Windows as a whole accounts for 75.96 percent market share. macOS is according to Statcounter accounting for 15.7 percent of all operating systems, followed by Linux at 2.6 percent. ChromeOS takes 2.38 percent market share.

Update, 11:45 am: In the introduction of the article there was a wrong percentage (71.26). That should be 75.95. Thanks to remyblok.

Windows market share. Source: stat counter

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