Start-up announces gas-filled external ‘battery’ for mobile phones

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A German start-up has announced a fuel cell that functions as an external battery and can be used to charge mobile devices such as smartphones. What is striking about the model is that it is filled with gas and can therefore be ‘recharged’ quickly.

The fuel cell is called kraftwerk and can charge an iPhone eleven times, according to the makers, a German start-up under the name eZelleron. The most striking thing about the Kraftwerk is that the device is built as an external battery, but is instead filled with gas. As a result, the whole is considerably lighter than a conventional battery and it also takes only three seconds to refill an empty Kraftwerk. It should be possible anywhere in the world to refill the device with gas cartridges via a standard connection.

Kraftwerk can be topped up with butane, which is used in lighters and gas stoves for camping, among other things. In the housing, gas is converted into electrical energy. A mobile device can then be charged via a conventional USB connection. Up to a maximum of 2 watts of energy is continuously supplied.

The makers hope to be able to market the kraftwerk through a Kickstarter campaign. Shortly after the start of the financing round, the required goal of 500,000 dollars has already been more than achieved. This means that eZelleron will supply the fuel cell from February next year. Buyers therefore have to be patient for some time. A Kraftwerk can be bought from 99 dollars, converted about 87 euros.

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