Starbreeze resumes Payday 2 development due to money shortages

Starbreeze, the Swedish game developer and publisher, has resumed development of online shooter Payday 2. This is because the game maker desperately needs the proceeds of new DLC. The complete so-called Ultimate Edition now becomes the Legacy Collection.

Starbreeze has been known for some time that it is not financially healthy. To turn that tide, it made layoffs, sold subsidiaries and licenses, and even canceled Overkill’s The Walking Dead in between PC and console release. Earlier this year, the prognosis was that the company would not have a year to live.

Previously, the Ultimate Edition was sold as the “all current and future DLC” pack for the game. However, as Payday was discontinued in December 2018 and is now being picked up again, the studio now, albeit with some regret, considers it a new chapter that will require a repayment. Everything that was in the Ultimate Edition to date is now in the Legacy Collection. Future DLC will need to be purchased separately, but some of the upcoming DLC ​​will also be free.

Payday 2 is a Left 4 Dead-esque game in which four players must commit different types of heists. Targets include museums, villas, convoys, banks, a casino, and more. The game is still in the top 50 most played games on Steam. The Legacy Collection costs 18.91 euros. Payday 3 is in development.