Stadia adds low resolution for mobile use

Google Stadia has added a new resolution to the web and mobile version of the Stadia app: 720p with a maximum data usage of 2.7GB per hour. The option is optimized for mobile use, consumes less data and is more suitable for slow internet.

Google’s game streaming service will become more accessible to mobile users with the option. The option reduces data usage at 720p gaming from 4.5GB per hour to 2.7GB per hour, writes Stadia Source. The option will be found under Performance in the settings menu, although it may take a while to push to all users.

The limited data usage makes the option more suitable for mobile gaming. Not only because it consumes considerably less data, but also because playing on Stadia makes it suitable when the internet is less fast. For example, a YouTube user claims to be able to play smoothly with an internet speed of only 6Mbit/s, without the playability suffering.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Stadia will also be coming to Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV devices. That update is coming June 23. TVs from Hisense and Philips, among others, will receive support for Stadia, as well as Nvidia Shield TV and the Xiaomi MiBox 3 and 4.