Sri Lanka blocks access to social media after terror attacks

Sri Lanka’s government shut down access to several social media websites on Sunday after the country was hit by multiple terror attacks. By closing the access, the government wants to prevent the spread of fake news and hate messages.

Local media reported that several websites and services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat and YouTube, are no longer accessible in Sri Lanka. In response, a government official said it was a government decision to make the services inaccessible in response to the terror attacks. The intention is that the blockades remain in place until the investigation is completed.

It is not the first time that Sri Lanka has shut down access to social media following events in the country. Blockades were also put in place last year after false rumors were spread via social media, which led to riots.

Several attacks were carried out on hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Sunday morning, killing hundreds. Authorities have arrested a large number of people, but it is still unclear who is behind the attacks.