Spotify will allow all users to close paid podcast subscriptions from September 15th

All users will be able to purchase paid podcast subscriptions through Spotify’s Anchor podcast platform starting September 15. American users have been able to do this since Tuesday. For the time being, only American podcasters can activate the subscriptions.

Podcast Subscriptions allows podcasters to introduce subscriptions that allow paying customers to listen to additional podcasts. Podcasters can indicate a price themselves, with Anchor giving a range of twenty price points. The cheapest subscription is 49 cents, the most expensive is 150 dollars per month. Anchor recommends prices of 1, 5 or 10 dollars per month. Euro prices have not yet been announced. Podcasters cannot adjust these prices afterwards.

The feature has been available to all podcasters in the United States since Tuesday. All US users can now also subscribe to a podcast. From September 15, international users will have access to the subscriptions. Soon after, podcasters worldwide will be able to add subscriptions to podcasts. Creators can choose which podcasts fall under the subscription and can therefore still offer free podcasts.

Podcasters will receive all proceeds until 2023, although transaction costs will still be deducted. After 2023, Spotify will take 5% of the revenue. Podcasters will also have the option to download a list of email addresses from subscribers who have given permission for this. This would allow them to get in touch with their subscribers more. The Anchor podcasts can be listened to via Spotify or other platforms.