Spotify releases app for Apple Watch and adds offline listening later

Spotify will start releasing its app for the Apple Watch this week. Initially it is only possible to control the playback of music, but later there will be more functionality, including offline listening.

Apple Watch users must download the latest version of Spotify and will have the app available on their watch in the course of this week, the streaming service writes. At the beginning of November, Spotify already started a beta test with the app for watchOS.

It is not yet clear when offline listening will be possible with Spotify on the Apple Watch. Spotify says a lot of new functionality will become available, including the download feature, but doesn’t say how long it will take.

Last year, an independent developer already created its own Spotify app for watchOS, which allowed offline listening. First under the name Spotty, but that later became Snowy. He was also going to make the official app on behalf of Spotify, it was announced at the time. It is not yet clear whether the current app is his work.