Spotify raises Premium prices for European Duo and Family users

Spotify users with a Duo or Family subscription in Europe and the United Kingdom will have to pay one to three euros per month more for their subscription from the end of this month. Users will receive an email about this. For current subscribers, the price increase will only take effect in June.

The email, which subscribers will receive in the coming days, says the company that Spotify must increase the prices of its subscriptions to continue to bring “new content and features”. The price increase will take effect this month, but current subscribers will be billed for the price increase for the first time in June. It seems to be about price increases for at least Premium Student, Duo and Family users, but nothing is known about regular Premium users.

According to various media, in most cases a price increase of one euro is involved. Mashable reports price increases in the UK from one to two pounds. In euros, student subscriptions and Duo subscriptions both become one euro more expensive. Family subscriptions will be three euros more expensive and go from 14.99 euros to 17.99 euros per month.

The news of the price hike comes at the same time as news that Spotify has created a new play function in the Facebook app. Spotify Premium users in much of the world, but not in Europe, can listen to music and podcasts in the Facebook app on iOS and Android. Spotify Free users get a shuffle mode with ads from Spotify in the Facebook app.

On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal released the news that Spotify is working on a subscription system for podcasts in which the turnover of podcast creators will accrue to the creators. That feature should also be released this week.