Spotify can soon be set as the default music service

Do you ever ask Siri to play a song for you? And do you always add: ‘via Spotify’? Soon you will finally be able to set Spotify – or any other third-party music app – as the default music service for Siri.

Users of Reddit currently testing the beta of iOS 14.5 discovered the new feature. If you currently ask Siri to play music, you must explicitly say that it must be done via Spotify. Otherwise, it goes through Apple Music by default. But when iOS 14.5 comes out soon, that is no longer necessary.

If you have the update on your iPhone and ask Siri to play a song, you will be asked once the first time via which app. A menu will appear with all music apps and you can tap on your favorite music app. For example Spotify, Pandora or YouTube Music. The next time you ask Siri to play a song, it will do so automatically via the previously selected app.

The feature is still clearly in beta at this point. For example, the menu does not yet appear in all cases. Moreover, podcast apps are now also popping up in the selection menu, and of course that is of little use to you.

Since the arrival of iOS 14, you have a little more freedom in the choice of standard apps. This way you can choose the default browser or default mail app yourself. You can set this in a different way, namely via Settings. It would be nice if Apple would also apply this to other types of apps, for example, navigation apps. iOS 14.5 will likely be released in March and has many more new features.