SpaceX wants a mission to Mars every two years from 2018

SpaceX has provided more details about its plans for missions to Mars. For example, the space company wants to start launching in 2018, after which it will send a supply rocket approximately every two years.

The most important of these regular space missions is the establishment of a ‘space corridor’ for freight transport. That said CEO Elon Musk in an interview with The Washington Post. He explains that sending humans to Mars requires regular supplies. However, the most favorable moment for a launch occurs once every two years, when a so-called Hohmann transfer can be carried out.

By carrying out missions to Mars every two years, starting in 2018, SpaceX wants to find a reliable way to send supplies to Mars. Musk describes the regularity of the missions “like a train leaving the station.” In addition, two launches are planned in 2020; twice, a Dragon capsule will be launched with a Falcon Heavy rocket and companies can register to secure a spot. Companies and institutions that want to conduct experiments on Mars are eligible, among others.

In 2022, the so-called Mars Colonial Transporter is to be launched; a capsule in which people can be transported. Although the launch in 2022 will take place without astronauts, the launch in 2024 must have people on board. They then have to spend six months in the capsule. Furthermore, Musk plans to provide more details about the upcoming launches at a conference in September.

Incidentally, SpaceX has yet to test the Falcon Heavy rocket. The first launches are expected later this year. Previously, the company had successes by repeatedly landing its Falcon 9 rocket after launch.

SpaceX previously announced that a rocket should be sent to Mars in 2018, in order to eventually send a manned mission for colonization. However, many details had not yet been revealed about the plans.