Sony Xperia phones can put 3D Maker scans on Facebook

Sony has announced that Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium users will be able to upload 3D images created with 3D Maker directly to Facebook. The social network now supports a file format that makes that possible.

Support for that file format, glTF 2.0, allows users of the 3D Maker app to place scans they’ve made in 3D on their timeline, Sony says. The app is standard on the phones and makes it possible to make scans of faces, heads, food and other objects. Then users can share or print it. Facebook contacts can then see the post and rotate the 3D object via finger or mouse to view in 3D.

In addition to support for the new file format, Facebook is introducing a Graph API, which will allow developers of apps and websites to create a function to share 3D content on Facebook. In addition, for example, users of Oculus Medium and Google Poly can share creations directly on the social network. Facebook had already supported 3D content in the News Feed for some time, but sharing creations directly with the social network was not yet possible.

Screenshot of 3D Maker on the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact