Sony will take StudioCanal movies purchased in PlayStation Store offline

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Sony announces that as of August 31, part of the movies purchased in the past through the German and Austrian PlayStation Store will be removed from users’ libraries. Even if users have purchased the movie.

Sony announced the removal of StudioCanal’s films at the German and Austrian PlayStation website. The announcements mention dozens of movies that will disappear from the library of users in the two countries. These are films such as Django, the Saw series and The Hunger Games.

Sony cites the termination of the license agreement with StudioCanal as the reason for taking the films offline. It is not clear whether this will also happen for PlayStation customers in other countries. It is the first time that purchased movies are also removed from the library of PlayStation customers.

Earlier, the company announced that it would stop selling and renting films via the PlayStation Store. At the time, Sony assured users that already purchased films would simply remain available in users’ libraries. This is now changing, at least for German and Austrian customers.

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