Sony: We’ll Unveil PS4 Neo Sometime After the E3 Game Show

Indeed, a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 codenamed Neo is on the way. However, it will not be revealed at the E3 games show next week, but sometime after. So says the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House.

He did not announce when the official introduction will follow. Sony is targeting ‘hardcore gamers’ and owners of a UHD TV with the new PlayStation 4 with more powerful hardware, the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment announced to the Financial Times. He promises that the Neo will not replace the current PS4, but will serve as an addition to that console.

According to him, all games run on the PS4 and almost all games should also work on the new ones, with developers having to make little effort to make their games suitable, the CEO predicts. In addition, the upcoming PlayStation VR should be able to handle both consoles.

Rumors have been circulating for some time about the arrival of a ‘PlayStation 4.5’ with a more powerful processor and graphics card. An earlier rumor reported that developers should provide every PlayStation game with a base mode and a Neo mode from October onwards. The unveiling of the console could therefore take a while. Microsoft is expected to show an Xbox One with more powerful hardware in the coming week, during E3.