Sony shows long gameplay video from Horizon Forbidden West

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Sony has shown a 14-minute video featuring gameplay and in-game movies from Horizon Forbidden West. Lead character Aloy takes on a mission against Raiders and a Tremortusk, a large machine taken over by the Raiders.

The gameplay video was recorded on a PlayStation 5 console in 4k resolution. The video on YouTube has a frame rate of 30fps and that may also be the frame rate in which the game is running. Whether the game will also get a 60fps mode is not yet known.

The video also features the character Erend from Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy has sent him out, but he is captured by Raiders. Aloy must then try to free him. The area in which the mission takes place is a jungle-like environment, including beach and water. Aloy has some new tools to move around, such as the Pull caster, a sort of grappling hook to gain height and a Shieldwing to get back down.

Also new is a diving mask, which allows Aloy to remain underwater indefinitely. Exploring the underwater world is one of the new features of Horizon Forbidden West. In the first Horizon game, players could not enter the water.

The game takes place in a fictional future where the world has been taken over by machines. In Forbidden West, Raiders also play an important role, they can control the machines and use them to fight. The events take place six months after the Horizon Zero Dawn story, according to the PlayStation Blog .

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