Sony releases small 50mm, 40mm and 24mm lenses for full-frame cameras

Sony is adding a 50mm f/2.5, 40mm f/2.5 and 24mm f/2.8 to its series of G lenses for mirrorless system cameras. The lenses have a suggested retail price of seven hundred euros each and will be on sale from April.

The three new FE lenses all have a length of 45mm, a maximum diameter of 68mm and a filter thread of 49mm. The housing is made of aluminum alloy and the lenses weigh 162 to 174 grams. Sony supplies a small lens hood.

The 24mm lens consists of eight lens elements in seven groups; the 40 and 50mm each have a nine element design in nine groups. The 24, 40 and 50mm can focus from 18, 25 and 31cm respectively, measured from the sensor plane.

Sony places the lenses in its G series, which stands for high image quality. The use of aspherical lens elements should ensure this. The autofocus lenses are suitable for cameras with a Sony FE mount, such as those in the A9 and A7 series.