Sony releases ‘gold’ edition of PlayStation 4 Slim in limited edition

Sony is releasing a gold-colored edition of the PlayStation 4 Slim. It is a limited edition; the device will only be sold between 9 and 17 June. The ‘gold’ PlayStation will be discounted to $249. It is unclear whether the device will also be available in Europe.

The gold-colored PlayStation 4 Slim is a 1TB model, which normally costs three hundred dollars in the US. In addition to the $50 discount for the device, Sony says other discounts for software and accessories will follow between June 9 and 17. That reports The Verge. On Thursday, a store visitor to a Walmart branch already reported that the gold-colored PlayStation 4 Slim was available for a reduced price.

It is still unclear whether the special edition of the PlayStation 4 Slim will also be sold in Europe. The gold colored edition of the device also has a gold colored controller. It will be the only version of the PlaySation 4 to be sold at a discount during the said period.