Sony: PlayStation 5 will get more exclusives than previous PlayStation consoles

The PlayStation 5 will get more exclusives than previous PlayStation consoles. That’s what Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan promises. Ryan does not rule out the possibility that Sony will acquire more game makers to fulfill this promise.

In his interview with the Japanese Nikkei, Ryan did not share concrete figures about the expected number of PS5 exclusives. He does say that SIE has “quietly but steadily” invested in PlayStation games. He also points out that Sony has used mergers and acquisitions in the past to bring more exclusives to PS consoles “and we don’t rule out doing this again in the future.”

The interview also covers the current limited deliveries of the console. Ryan again points to high demand due to the corona pandemic and low supply due to chip shortages as reasons for the limited supply of PS5 consoles. He expects it to get better over the course of this year.

At the same time, he points out that deliveries to PS5 consoles in Japan are “similar” to how PlayStation 4 consoles were in the first months after release. Ryan says Sony will focus on the Japanese market for the PS5 consoles and also want to make more software for Japanese users.

Nikkei also asks Ryan about Sony’s cloud plans with Microsoft. On this, Ryan says these talks are still ongoing. While Sony “may” use Microsoft’s infrastructure for cloud gaming, “the experience will be unique to PlayStation,” Ryan said.