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Sony introduces PlayStation Classic of 100 euros

Sony has announced its own mini console, the PlayStation Classic. The device in the form of the first PlayStation comes pre-installed with twenty games. The prize is 100 euros and it will be released on December 3.

The PlayStation Classic is 45 percent smaller than the original. Sony supplies the miniature PlayStation including two controllers that also have the design of the original controllers. In addition, there is an HDMI cable in the box for the connection to a TV.
The buttons of the iconic console are in the same place with the replica, where the ‘open’ button does not open the optical drive, but the possibility to start the menu to play one of the twenty games present. Among those games are Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken and Wild Arms. A complete list has not yet been published.
The sale of the PlayStation Classic will start on 3 December, which is a reference to the original introduction of the device. The first PlayStation appeared on December 3, 1994. The recommended retail price is EUR 100.
With the PS Classic follows Sony Nintendo, which in recent years released the SNES and NES Classic Mini.


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