Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Remote Play for Windows and Mac

Sony has announced that it will bring PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality to Windows and Mac. With Remote Play it is possible to play games on the PlayStation 4 without being dependent on the television screen.

On the PlayStation blog, Sony announces system software update 3.50, Musashi. The update will first be released in closed beta and in the reporting Sony already says that the Remote Play function of the PlayStation 4 will be expanded at a later date, so that it will work on Windows and Mac systems. The feature is already available for the PlayStation Vita and select Sony Z2 and Z3 smartphones.

Sony will start the closed beta for the software on March 2. The update adds notifications for when friends come online, but also comes with the option to appear offline. It is also possible to organize an event. All users who have registered for an event are automatically added to the group. In addition, Sony adds streaming service Dailymotion to the Share option.

Via Remote Play it is possible to connect a PlayStation 4 to a PS Vita or a smartphone via the local WiFi network. After that it is possible to use the Vita or phone as a screen. With the Vita, the existing buttons can be used; a DualShock 4 must be linked to the smartphones. The input is then passed over the network to the PlayStation 4.