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Sony AF8-OLED TV comes out at the end of April for 2900 and 3900 euros

Sony has announced that the new OLED TV, the AF8, will be available in Europe from the end of April. The variant with a 55 “screen diagonal will cost 2900 euros, while the 65” model will receive a price tag of 3900 euros.

Sony reports that interested parties can order the AF8 from Monday and that they will be available in stores from the end of April, even if the manufacturer does not give an exact date. The manufacturer only issues a 55 “and a 65” version of the AF8. The existing A1-OLED TV also received a 77 “model.
Like the A1, the new 4K OLED television features the special Acoustic Surface audio system, which vibrates the entire screen of the TV to produce sound waves. In contrast to the A1, there is no larger subwoofer attached to the rear, but the AF8 has two smaller subwoofers, and the AF8 has a different foot which takes up a lot less space at the rear.
The picture quality is similar to the A1, since the same image panel of LG Display is used.The AF8 features the X1 Extreme image processor and runs on Google’s Android TV operating system.Hdr can also be displayed, with the formats hlg hdr10 and Dolby Vision are supported.


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