Sony 4k laser projector with 10,000 lumens brightness costs £ 79,999

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Sony is introducing three projectors, all of which support a 4k resolution and HDR display. The top model achieves a very high brightness of 10,000 ansi lumens and will cost £ 79,999 in the United Kingdom, or around 88,000 euros.

The VPL-GTZ380 is the top model and, according to Sony, contains a new laser as a light source, using a red laser diode in addition to the two blue laser diodes that produce light at two different wavelengths. The manufacturer states that this results in the peak brightness of 10,000 ansi lumens being possible. That high brightness is relatively special for a 4k laser projector. For example, Samsung will release a 4k short-throw projector in the autumn for 6499 euros with a peak brightness of 2800 ansi lumens and LG’s latest Cinebeam model is just below that with 2700 ansi lumens.

Sony uses a new SXRD chip panel for the GTZ380 that still has a 0.74 “size, but this new version is designed to be very light-resistant, given the 10,000 ansi lumens produced on such a small footprint. In addition, the manufacturer says that the projector can produce a very high contrast.The GTZ380 supports one hundred percent of the dci-p3 color space at a D65 color temperature, without the need for a loss of brightness.

The GTZ380 can provide a projection of 300 “, which equates to a screen with a diagonal of about eight meters. However, Sony recommends using a smaller screen of roughly four or five meters, as it will have a higher peak brightness of 400. up to 600 cd / m² is feasible, which benefits the HDR playback. For image processing, Sony uses the X1 Ultimate for Projector processor. This is in fact the X1 Ultimate image processor that is also found in Sony OLED TVs, although it has been adapted on certain points for integration into the GTZ380.

In addition, Sony comes with two less expensive models, the VPL-VW790ES and the VPL-VW590ES. These both contain the so-called Dynamic HDR Enhancer, which basically boils down to dynamic tone mapping. It should lead to an improved HDR display where every frame is analyzed, so that more details should be visible in the shadows and bright parts, in addition to increased brightness for the specular highlights. The X1 for Projector chip, probably a less advanced version of the GTZ380’s X1 Ultimate for Projector chip, forms the basis for this. The projector can also analyze the histogram of the displayed images and select the appropriate settings accordingly.

On the left the VPL-VW590ES and next to that the VPL-VW790ES

The VW790ES is a laser model, while the VW590ES uses a lamp. The latter achieves 1800 ansi lumens, a contrast of 350,000: 1 and costs £ 6999. The VW790ES comes to 2000 ansi lumens and costs £ 11,999. These models appear to be released in early October. The GTZ380 won’t be released until winter, priced at £ 79,999. However, this does not include a lens yet; those interested in the GTZ380 must purchase it separately. According to a Sony employee, there are two lenses available, a normal throw lens for around 8,000 euros and a short throw lens for 13,000 pounds.

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