Some Wyze users were able to see camera feed from other users for a short time

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Some Wyze security camera owners report that they were temporarily shown other users’ camera feeds through the company’s web viewer. Wyze confirms the incident and says cache issues were the cause. The problems have now been resolved.

On Reddit to share a few users that they could see camera images of other people’s homes in the web viewer van Wyze. The users say their camera images were replaced by images from someone else. Some users report that they could see the same room, unknown to them, in their feed.

A Wyze spokesperson confirmed the existence of the problem to The Verge and temporarily disabled the web viewer to fix the problems. According to the company’s initial signals, approximately ten users were affected by the incident. It’s not clear whether this means ten people had access to others’ feeds or whether ten Wyze users’ feeds were visible to all other users.

In a comment on Reddit shares Wyze that the incident occurred over a period of ‘approximately 30 minutes’. These would be images of other users who were logged in at that time via the web viewer. Wyze says it is further investigating the incident and identifying the affected users. In addition, the company says that it is doing its best to prevent recurrence.

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