Solid Snake Voice Actor Says Metal Gear Solid Might Get Remake

Metal Gear Solid is getting a remake, Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter says in conversation with YouTuber Dan Allen. He bases that on a message from an insider who is familiar with the development. According to the voice actor, it is still a rumor.

In a 2.5-hour live interview with YouTuber Dan Allen, Hayter talks about his role as the voice actor of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series. A third of the way through the conversation, the two start talking about a possible remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game. Hayter says: “I thought it was a rumor until the day before yesterday. Then I got a message from an insider who told me that he had heard that it could really happen.” Moments later, he adds, “It’s still a rumor, but now it’s an industry rumor. It’s generally a bit more accurate.”

The voice actor, who is the voice of Solid Snake, Naked Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid game series, thinks that if there is a remake, all voices will have to be re-recorded. “They can’t use the original recordings because the sound card of the original Playstation is not nearly as good as the one in current generation consoles. If you were to use the old tapes, you would hear traffic driving by outside and room noises, because we were using the original recordings. not in a studio but in a living room. We did re-record the entire game for Twin Snakes, so theoretically you can use those recordings. But I don’t think the quality is good enough.”

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is an earlier Gamecube remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game from 2004. The game features new cutscenes and some gameplay elements from Metal Gear Solid 2. The entire English-language cast of the original game was brought together taken for new recordings.

There are no further indications that a remake of Metal Gear Solid is actually being worked on and developer Konami has not said anything about this either. It did tell Videogame Chronicle that it has plans for new Metal Gear Solid games with the help of third-party developers, although it will be years before they would be released.