Solana blockchain is back online after 16 hours thanks to restart

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The Solana blockchain was unusable for more than 16 hours due to overload. Among other things, the problem prevented transactions on the Solana Network from being validated. The network is back online after a restart by node administrators.

Solana already encountered delays in validating transactions on Tuesday, Bloomberg also writes. The network clarified on Twitter that it encountered a “major increase” in the blockchain’s load, which peaked at 400,000 transactions per second.

This flooded the queue of transactions to be validated, Solana reports. As a result, the memory consumption of the nodes increased. This eventually caused several nodes to go offline. Such nodes validate transactions on the Solona blockchain, and are managed by volunteers.

Node administrators have gotten the mainnet network up and running again by jointly coordinating a blockchain restart, Solana reports. Twitter. The volunteers succeeded after patching their respective nodes to version 1.6.25. That update appeared on Thursday in response to the network problems and should solve the ‘overflow’. In the hours that followed, block explorers and other systems were gradually brought back online.

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