Software Update: Zoom Player 9.02

Inmatrix has released a second update for version 9.00 of the Zoom Player media player, which was released earlier this month. Zoom Player is available in the flavors Free, Pro and Max, with the latter two costing EUR 18.49 and 27.73 respectively. on this page the different versions are compared. In version 9.02 the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • Pressing Alt+”A” to open the Audio decoder configuration page when no media is loaded, now tries to show the LAV Audio decoder instead of ffdshow’s audio decoder. If LAV Filters are not installed the ffdshow audio decoder will open instead.


  • Fixed a small cosmetic glitch when maximizing the audio skin.

The following downloads are available:
Zoom Player Free 9.02
Zoom Player Pro 9.02
Zoom Player Max 9.02

Version number 9.02
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Inmatrix
File sizes

7.96MB – 11.18MB

License type Freeware/Paid