Software Update: Zoom 5.3.0

Version 5.3.0 of the video conferencing software Zoom has been released. This program makes it possible to attend online meetings, conferences and lectures, among other things. It is available for the most common operating systems and is available in a free and paid version with more features. Like several comparable solutions, Zoom has grown in popularity during the corona crisis, despite it turned out that it did not always have security in order. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

General features

  • Calendar Integration sync improvement
  • Enhanced Edit Country interface when scheduling
  • Enhanced integration with Outlook client
  • Studio Effects
  • Enhanced scheduling with default settings
  • Additional MSI/GPO Options
    • Spotlight Self when speaking
    • Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View
    • Remind me () minutes before my upcoming meetings
    • Default video rendering method

Meeting/webinar features

  • Roll-up Closed Captioning
  • Virtual Background not compatible explanation

Meeting features

  • Self-select Breakout Room
  • Share files with Microsoft SharePoint

chat features

  • Hide chat bots in IM list
  • Right-click menu for links in IM chat
  • Improved image preview and image viewer
  • Enhanced Link Preview
  • Enhanced Search
  • Mark as Unread for images and files

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue with Breakout rooms not following main session’s settings/restrictions
  • Resolved issue with some webinar chats not being saved
  • Resolved an issue where some users joined a meeting with the previously signed-in account’s profile picture
  • Resolved an issue with keyboard focus shifting away from CC input when host performs certain actions
  • Resolved issue with chat messages being copyable in HIPAA compliant meetings
  • Resolved issue with voicemails not able to be retrieved on desktop client
  • Resolved issue when updating client 5.0 via MSI, but Zoom is defaulting to previous version
  • Resolved issue with View More Settings option in client not routing to customer’s vanity page, if logged in via SSO
  • Resolved issue with untrusted security warnings not providing more details
  • Minor bug fixes

Version number 5.3.0 (52651.0920)
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Zoom
License type Freeware/Paid