Software Update: Zoom 5.2.0

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Version 5.2.0 of the video conferencing software Zoom has been released. This program makes it possible to attend meetings, conferences and lectures, among other things. It is available for the most common operating systems and is available in a free and paid version with more features. Like several comparable solutions, Zoom has grown in popularity during the corona crisis, even though it turned out that it did not always have security in order. In version 5.2.0 the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes to existing features

  • Meeting and webinar passwords now called Passcodes
    Meeting and webinar passwords will now be called Passcodes to prevent confusion with your individual user password, which should never be shared.
  • Show annotator’s name by default
    The Show Names of Annotators option while sharing content is now on by default.
  • Removed appended space after @mentions
    When users enter a chat @mention, a space is no longer automatically appended after the @mention. Spaces are still appended when users enter multiple subsequent @mentions.

New and enhanced features

  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Video filters
      Users can apply video filters to alter the look of their video with color grading, foreground and frame filters.
    • Share PowerPoint as Virtual Background in Beta
      Users can select a PowerPoint file to use as their virtual background and move through the slides with the left and right arrows. This option is under Share Screen in the advanced options. It is currently a beta feature.
    • Adjust Touch Up My Appearance
      Users can adjust the skin smoothness applied with the Touch Up My Appearance feature.
    • Adjust video brightness
      Users can choose to adjust the brightness of their video automatically or manually with a slider in their video settings. This feature is useful in low-light environments.
    • Improved background noise suppression
      Users can adjust the background noise suppression applied, choosing to enable Low, Medium, High, or Automatic background noise suppression.
    • Settings for hardware acceleration for screen sharing and whiteboard
      Users can now choose to enable hardware acceleration for screen sharing or whiteboard individually.
    • Support for Virtual Background on additional processors
      Virtual Background is now supported on Intel i3 quad core generation 8 or higher and any Intel i4 or higher.
    • Support for gallery view for 49 participants on additional processors
      AMD Ryzen 5 series now supports gallery view with 49 participants when only a single monitor is being used. AMD Ryzen 7 and 9 series and Intel i5 4-core 4th generation or higher now supports gallery view with 49 participants on single or dual monitors.
  • Meeting features
    • Share files with Microsoft SharePoint
      Attendees can now share files from SharePoint directly through in-meeting chat
    • Improved Waiting Room notifications
      Host now receives more notifications about attendees entering the waiting room, including during screen share and when Zoom is minimized/hidden.
    • Additional meeting reactions
      In addition to the clapping and thumbs up reactions, meeting participants can now react with a heart, surprised face, laughing face, or party emoji. Those receiving the reactions will also need to have the latest version of the Zoom client to see them.
  • chat features
    • Invite members by channel or organization
      Channel and group chat admins can add members by selecting an existing channel and inviting all of those members to a their channel or group chat. They can also choose to invite an entire organization to a channel or group chat.
    • Record and send a voice message
      Users can now record and send a voice message in a one-on-one chat or a channel.
    • Manage channel posting permissions
      Channel and group chat admins can manage the posting permissions to choose who can send messages in their channel or group chat. They can choose to select everyone, admin only, or admin plus specific users.
    • Microsoft SharePoint File Storage Integration
      Users can now upload or download files from Microsoft SharePoint.
    • Mute channel notifications
      Users can now mute channel or group chat notifications, which will remove all push notifications as well as the red icon next to the channel or group chat name, on the Chat tab in the header of their client, and on the Zoom app on their dock . Users can hover over the channel name and click the downward arrow to find this setting.
    • Support first name only for @mentions
      When users press backspace on an @mention to delete the user’s last name, it will continue to support the @mention functionality.
  • Phone features
    • Transfer call to any meeting
      Users can transfer the active call to any meeting or enter a meeting URL.
    • Hot key support
      Users can use keyboard shortcuts to control Zoom Phone, such as accept/decline call, end call, mute/unmute, and hold call.
    • View transcriptions or call recordings
      Users can view the transcript of their ad-hoc or automatic call recordings while playing back the recording.
    • Combined search results for extension and direct numbers
      Search results in Zoom Phone combine each phone user’s extension and direct numbers into a single search result. Previously, there were separate search results for each number.
    • Icons for call quality and encryption
      While in a call, users will see icons to indicate call quality and encryption.
  • General features
    • Security section when scheduling a meeting
      To allow easier access, Passcode and Waiting Room settings are displayed under the Security section when scheduling a new meeting.
    • Screen reader alerts
      Users can now enable screen reader alerts to choose which notifications they would like their screen reader to announce.
    • Improved video and content sharing
      Upgrades to video and content sharing to improve video quality, decrease bandwidth and CPU usage, and improve text clarity
    • Save a Multi-page Whiteboard
      Meeting attendees can save a multi-page whiteboard as a single PDF or multiple PNGs.
    • Sync Zoom presence to Outlook
      A user’s presence in Zoom can be synced to Outlook, sharing whether a user is in a meeting, busy, or available. The Outlook icons will be used for the status, but the wording will match what is displayed in Zoom. Users can manually override their status in Outlook.
    • Set Zoom as the default communication option in Outlook
      Users can set Zoom as their default communication option in Outlook, allowing users to meet, chat, or call their contacts through Zoom with one-click.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect date was showing when scheduling new meetings for a subset of users
  • Fixes an issue where users received multiple notifications simultaneously of audio changes
  • Fixes an issue where Zoom windows were shared when the user checked the option Optimize Share for Full Screen Video Clip
  • Minor bug fixes

Version number 5.2.0 (42619.0804)
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Zoom
License type Freeware/Paid
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