Software Update: Zend Framework 1.10.1

Zend has released version 1.10.1 of its Zend Framework. This framework focuses on facilitating the design, writing and maintenance of php applications. To make this possible, APIs from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo and Flickr, among others, have been integrated. Furthermore, the program contains search functionality, and support for ajax and for RSS and atom syndication. The corresponding announcement looks like this:

Zend Framework 1.10.1 Released

On behalf of the Zend Framework’s many contributors, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of Zend Framework 1.10.1, the first maintenance release in our 1.10 series. You can download it from our downloads page. This release includes more than 50 bug fixes, all made since the 1.10.0 release two weeks ago; these fixes help bring stability and maturity to the 1.10 series.

We’d like to thank everyone who committed time, code, and translations since the 1.10.0 release — thanks for making this a fantastic tool for PHP developers!

Issues resolved for this release:

  • [ZF-9110]: Recursion in Bootstrap
  • [ZF-7367]: Zend_Application_Resource_Frontcontroller should take care of “returnresponse” option
  • [ZF-9044]: Zend_Application_Resource_Frontcontroller doesn’t allow to force the index of a plugin we want to register
  • [ZF-9011]: Unable to set additional parameters for Sendmail transport when using mail application resource
  • [ZF-8981]: Zend_Application_Resource_Mail and registering default transport with ini file
  • [ZF-8888]: Missing requires in Zend_Application_Resource_*
  • [ZF-8388]: Binding problem
  • [ZF-9092]: Because parse_ini_file() interprets NULL as an empty string, Zend_Cache_Core’s lifetime setting cannot be configured from an INI file.
  • [ZF-9014]: remove useless code from Zend_Cache_Backend::_loggerSanity()
  • [ZF-8867]: Page cache doesn’t work from the controller.
  • [ZF-9091]: Zend_Controller_Request_Http::setPathInfo setting path info to wrong string if base url doesnt exist in request uri
  • [ZF-8639]: due invalid cache id Zend_Controller_Action_Helper crashes
  • [ZF-9085]: Zend_Date#getMonth() breaks when using PHP date format mode
  • [ZF-6142]: @ operator should be avoided in Zend_Dom_Query
  • [ZF-8789]: Zend_Feed_Reader does not parse Atom 1.0 XHTML content correctly
  • [ZF-8411]: Consider using ‘term’ if ‘label’ is an empty string in Zend_Feed_Reader_Collection_Category::getValues()
  • [ZF-9121]: MimeType recognition broken in ZF 1.10.0
  • [ZF-9107]: _detectMimeType() called from Zend_File_Transfer_Http::__construct() throws Warning on finfo() when magicFile is set as an option
  • [ZF-9068]: File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract: _detectMimeType() uses undeclared variable $magicFile
  • [ZF-9058]: Zend_Filter_StringToLower / Upper throws exception with valid mbstring encoding
  • [ZF-8994]: Bug in some filters
  • [ZF-9037]: Missing @param with Zend_Form_Element
  • [ZF-8882]: Propagate option ‘disableTranslator’ from Zend_Form_Element to it’s validators
  • [ZF-4158]: GData Ignores my parameters (max-results, start-index etc) when fetching feeds
  • [ZF-5524]: Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Proxy doesn’t support SSL Client Certificate
  • [ZF-9083]: Zend_Ldap_Ldif_Encoder encode incorrecty “0” string value
  • [ZF-8913]: Zend_Loader::isReadable inside PHAR files.
  • [ZF-8998]: Zend_Locale::setDefault() fails to set default properly
  • [ZF-9112]: undefined method, Zend_Config::asArray()
  • [ZF-9096]: Calling non-existing method Zend_Config::asArray() in Zend_Log_Filter_Abstract::_parseConfig
  • [ZF-9064]: Zend_Log::_constructFromConfig require_once fails on Zend_Log_Exception.php
  • [ZF-8577]: Message ID is set not valid according to RFC 2822
  • [ZF-8567]: methods for setting messageId and clearing several headers
  • [ZF-9023]: Zend_Memory::factory() not supports name of the class backend camelcase
  • [ZF-9055]: Typo when throwing exception in Zend_Pdf_Resource_Font_Extracted methods encodeString() and decodeString()
  • [ZF-8462]: Allowed memory size exhausted when loading small pdf
  • [ZF-8956]: Zend_Queue_Adapter documentation: Wrong file name
  • [ZF-8878]: Set of “Parameter 1 to array_multisort() expected to be a reference, value given” for PHP 5.3.1 environment
  • [ZF-8347]: Lucence commit broke Test Suite
  • [ZF-8865]: Function split() is deprecated (PHP 5.3)
  • [ZF-8949]: TYPO in Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_ArrayOfTypeComplex exception.
  • [ZF-9080]: Zend_Validate_EmailAddress invalid call to $this->_binaryToIp()
  • [ZF-9000]: Replacement in Zend_View_Abstract makes using streams in view search paths impossible
  • [ZF-8848]: A conditional headerScript() doesn’t output indent correctly
  • [ZF-9007]: Fix AutoComplete to work with jQuery UI 1.8 API
  • [ZF-8792]: don’t modify code from programmer in addJavascript()
  • [ZF-8756]: setVersion should throw exception if not valid.
  • [ZF-8569]: enable jQuery if addOnLoad is used
  • [ZF-8055]: Bug when using ZendX_JQuery_Form_Decorator_DialogContainer
  • [ZF-9117]: Missing reference to APPLICATION_ENV in quickstart tutorial
  • [ZF-9031]: Tutorial code has a bug ( missing php initiator )
  • [ZF-8996]: resources are not moved from trunk to branch
  • [ZF-8984]: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Exception in […]/Exception.php on line 28 (xcache enabled)
  • [ZF-7271]: ZF is not tolerant of phar paths

Version number 1.10.1
Release status stable
Operating systems script language
Website Send Technologies
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)