Software Update: Zabbix 1.1 beta 6

With the Zabbix program you can monitor various parts of your network and services on your servers. The program supports two different options to retrieve the relevant information. It can send requests from its own host to the various services and network components, which then respond to them. In addition, there is a so-called agent that can be installed on the host to be monitored with which detailed information can be retrieved. For more information about Zabbix, we refer you to this one and this one page. The developers have released the sixth beta version of Zabbix 1.1 with the following announcement:

This release introduces unified look & feel for the frontend and other improvements. Several important issues have been fixed. The release can be used in production environments. Note that feature freeze will be announced after release of next beta.

What’s New

  • Better GUI
    Look and feel and security of the ZABBIX frontend has been significantly improved. The frontend has better user forms and ability to select/deselect all table elements.
  • Maps: configurable label location.
    Location of labels is configurable.
  • Configurable unavailability period for hosts
    Previously ZABBIX considered a host as not supported if more than 3 network errors occurred. Now it will change status of a host to not supported if and only if a host was unavailable for configurable (default is 20 seconds) number of seconds. New server parameter has been introduced: UnavailablePeriod.
  • Better processing of server startup/shutdown
    The release introduce better handling of signals and improved shutdown sequence for ZABBIX server.
  • Improved proc.num under Linux
    Now it accepts new parameter ‘comm’.
  • New trigger functions
    Logseverity() will return severity of most recent log entry. Logsource() returns source of event. windows-only.
  • New macro: {TRIGGER.KEY}
    The macro is expanded to a key of the first trigger item.
  • fixes
    • Fixed processing or item’s multiplier.
    • Fixed compilation issues of SNMP support.
    • Fixed warning when deleting a trigger.
    • Fixed two different units in two graph axes.
    • Fixed crash in processing of autoregistration.
    • Minor fix for schema of table ‘rights’.
    • Fixed processing or SNMP Counter32 metric.
    • Fixed synchronization of template graphs when using a template.
    • Overview screen will not show disabled items.
    • Renamed renamed latestalarms.php and alerts.php.
    • Other fixes.

Version number 1.1beta 6
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Zabbix
File size


License type GPL